Stormy Weather: Milk Gallery Featuring Photographs by Kevin Erskine

NEW YORK—Kevin Erskine captures the drama, motion and color of storms in the Midwest. Yesterday, the photographer was at Milk Gallery where his panoramic images are on exhibit. Erskine says he is obsessed with the rush of the aggressive weather—which he photographs with film using a wide-angle camera. As a precaution, he travels with a meteorologist who decides when it is time stop shooting and start fleeing. “Supercell” documents the adventures, both the thrill and the natural beauty of the stormy skies.

Today is the last day of the exhibit, which has been on view since March 14, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, from top, left to right: Row 1, “Storm 1,” and “Storm 2” (both 2008, Springfield, Colo.), “Supercell,” 2008 (Kenton, Okla.), “Rain 1,” 2008 (Boise City, Okla.); Row 2, “Supercell 4,” “Supercell 2,” “Supercell 3” and “Supercell 1” (all four 2009, Sedan, New Mexico); Row 3, “Mothership,” 2009 (Hoisington, Kan.), “Mothership 1,” 2009 (Mitchell, Kan.), “Supercell 1,” 2009 (Great Bend, Kan.) and “Mothership,” 2009 (Seneca, N.M.); Row 4, “Supercell,” 2011 (Torrington, Wyo.), “Mothership with Two Tornadoes,” 2010 (Dupree, S.D.), “Mothership,” 2008 (Carnegie, Okla.) and “Mothership 3,” 2008 (Wichita Mountains, Okla.). Top of page, from left, ‘Storm,” 2009 (Turkey, Texas), a dozen storms (see caption above) and “Detail 3 Supercell,” 2009 (Pritchett, Colo).

From left, “Supercell,” 2009 (Badlands National Park, S.D.) and “Mothership 2,” 2009 (Valentine, Neb.).

From top, left to right: Row 1, “Storm 1” and “Storm 2,” 2009 (Ottawa, Kan.); Row 2, “Outflow Dust 1” and “Outflow Dust 2,” 2011 (Oakley, Kan.); Row 3, “Low Clouds 1” and “Low Clouds 2,” 2007 (Levelland, Texas); Row 4, “Supercell 2,” and “Supercell,” 2007 (Littlefield, Texas).

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