At Paula Cooper Gallery, Dan Walsh’s Layered Paintings Conjure Textile Patterns

NEW YORK—The patterns and geometric precision of Dan Walsh’s paintings are captivating. While the grid approach and tone-on-tone layering conjure textile designs, the works are acrylic on canvas. Walsh’s work is featured in a solo show at Paula Cooper Gallery which describes the paintings as “process generated images.”

Detail of an acrylic on canvas work by Dan Walsh.

According to the gallery, Walsh “layers deliberate strokes of paint, the logic of each informing and infiltrating the next. Walsh describes this as an additive methodology in which the result is unexpected: a build-up of marks and bursts of color constituting more than the sum of its parts.”

The exhibition of new work by Walsh, including paintings and works on paper, is on view from March 17 to April 21, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

According to the gallery, Walsh’s series of rubbed-gold drawings “constitute a meditation on geometric forms and evoke architectural diagrams or topographical maps.”

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