Arts Observer is Celebrating its First Year

“Cakes,” 1963 (oil on canvas) by Wayne Thiebaud at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. | Photo by Arts Observer

NEW YORK—Arts Observer is celebrating its first year today. On April 4, 2011, the site debuted with a brief article about “Close to Trees,” Sam Gilliam’s colorful, transporting exhibit at the American University Museum. To mark the milestone, one of today’s observations is about a new exhibit that features Gilliam’s cascading rainbow canvases.

Focused on arts, design and culture, Arts Observer got off to a slow start, but began to hit its stride in the fall. Over the past six months the site has been updated with daily observations and will continue share visually and intellectually significant content.

Expanded Coverage
In the coming year, Arts Observer will begin to offer more reported features and interviews in order to provide a richer, distinct experience for visitors. The intent is to venture beyond observations on occasion and dive deeper into the issues raised by the work and explore the motivations and background of the artists. You can also expect dispatches from more locations.

Arts Observer is encouraged by the steady increase in traffic the site has experienced in recent months and hopes that with expanded coverage the site’s audience will continue to grow.

Best of Year 1
Check out the “Editor’s Picks” from the past year. From street art to retail installations and contemporary exhibits in blue-chip galleries, the selected content stood out because whether it was inspiring, innovative or compelling, it was memorable.

Thanks again for your support and please continue to visit Arts Observer, comment on the observations and share the site with your followers and friends. Here’s to an artful year two.

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