At Frieze New York, Splashes of Color on View Throughout the Big White Tent

NEW YORK—Frieze New York was held in a 1,500-foot-long tent designed by Brooklyn architecture firm SO-IL. The enclosed white environment served as an ideal backdrop for many of the colorful works on exhibit throughout the international contemporary art fair—many indulging the full spectrum, others making a statement with one bold color.

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All photos by Arts Observer

Above, Front view of Frieze New York tent designed by SO-IL. Top of page, “Who conjured you out of clay?” 2012 (Thermalite, Formica, polyurethane foam, ceramic, parcel tape) by Steve Claydon at Sadie Coles HQ of London.

“Vortex ‘I, Silhouette,'” 2012 (MDF, full gloss paint, oxidized steel) by Jim Lambie at Anton Kern Gallery of New York.

“Vortex ‘Kick Ass,'” 2012 (MDF, full gloss paint, cast aluminum) by Jim Lambie at Anton Kern Gallery of New York.

String bundles by Judith Scott at White Columns New York.

Detail of large, multi-panel painting juxtaposed with, at right, tree branch titled “Kodiak,” 2008 (Douglas fir, pine, steel, sheetrock, adhesive and photograph) by Eli Hansen and Oscar Tuazon at Maccarone of New York.

Installation view at Maccarone booth. In background, “Stripe (Reims) 1-8,” 2008 (oil on canvas and linen, composed of eight 59 x 59 inch canvases) by Ann Craven.

“White Snow Dwarf (Sleepy #) Midget,” 2012 (blue silicone) by Paul McCarthy at Hauser & Wirth of New York. In background, “Untitled (Kelly),” 2011 (nine monitors, blueray player, blueray disc) by Diana Thater.

“Why women like to buy textiles that feel nice,” by Olaf Nicolai at Galerie Egan + Art of Berlin.

Busts by Oliver Laric at Tanya Leighton Gallery of Berlin.

Detail of busts by Oliver Laric at Tanya Leighton Gallery.

“Untitled,” 2012 (acrylic paint, mild steel) by Jim Lambie at Sadie Coles HQ of London. The installation appears to be a series of colorful belts.

Detail of belt installation by Jim Lambie at Sadie Coles HQ.

“This Side of Blue,” 2011 (oil on linen) by Stanley Whitney at Team Gallery of New York. In foreground, “Aufenthault/Stop,” 1974 (bicycle, cans, bag, dummy, jacket, trousers, shoes) by Vlassis Caniaris.