Carole Feuerman’s Serene Bather Sculpture Signals Summer

NEW YORK—The debut of “Survival of Serena,” Carole A. Feuerman‘s new sculpture in Petrosino Square is a real harbinger of summer. Donning a fuchsia bathing cap, with her eyes closed just so and skin glistening with “water drops,” she is a vision of serenity—looking refreshed and relaxed after taking a cool dip. Known for her depictions of swimmers and bathers, Feuerman’s bronze work amazes viewers who are impressed with its “hyper-realistic” qualities. Public art draws praise and criticism from aficionados and elicits curious comments from those who don’t ordinarily experience art. Yesterday, one woman, a tourist who posed before the sculpture with her husband and two children, wondered what it was advertising and how “they” kept it looking wet.

Unveiled last weekend at the intersection of Lafayette Street and Cleveland Place (at the edges of Soho, NoLita and Little Italy), the sculpture will be on display, courtesy of Jim Kempner Fine Art, through Sept. 23, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

“Survival of Serena,” 2012 (painted bronze).

Installation view at the intersection of Lafayette Street and Cleveland Place.

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