A Riot of Color, ‘B-Out’ is Far From Blue

NEW YORK—Cleverly named “B-Out,” the new exhibit at Andrew Edlin Gallery is touted to be many things: out of the box, out of the closet, outspoken, out loud and out of order. All of the descriptors are fitting.

More than 100 artists contributed to the group show, an out of control presentation centered around a pair of mismatched chairs and a bistro table—flea market finds with classic lines made aesthetically relevant with a coat of Smurf-blue paint that also covers the walls. Then there is the reproduction of “The Essential Nina Simone Vol. 2” album cover, the checkerboard floor below and a wonderful fleet of upside-down boats suspended above. All of this and more is on display in a space at the rear of the gallery reached by passing through a hallway bathed in strips of color.

“B-Out,” curated by Scott Hug is on view from July 5 to Aug. 18, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

“Dead Reckoning,” 2010 (toy boats, wood, rope) by Yeni Mao.

Detail of “Dead Reckoning.”

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