A Visit to Casa Fuster, an Ever-Evolving Mosaic Installation

HAVANA—There are several blocks in Jaimanitas, a neighborhood in northwest Havana, where the homes and the gates that surround them are covered entirely by mosaic tile. These ordinary homes began to be transformed into works of art three decades ago when artist Jose Fuster took up residence and opened his studio in the community. His own home is a mosaic wonderland with small colorful tiles adorning fountains, stairs, rooftops, benches and every other surface.

Arts Observer visited the sprawling enclave during the 11th Havana Biennial. Over the years, Fuster began to offer his artistic largesse to neighboring properties. Inspired by nature, Santeria, Picasso and Spanish architect Gaudi who integrated crafts such as stained glass and ceramic works into his buildings, Fuster’s ever-evolving masterpiece is an ongoing pursuit.

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All photos © Arts Observer

Jose Fuster pictured near his work table.

A tile with a heart-shaped Cuba flag is among the many signature items Fuster sells to fund his mosaic enterprise.

Detail of a tile.

View from the third-level of the compound shows the city-like nature of the property which includes a wading pool.

To the right of the main driveway, mosaic heart motifs front a stairway to the left.

View from Fuster’s rooftop.

At the property next door, “Viva Cuba” is tiled on systems along the rooftop.

A sun table with circular stools viewed from the second floor of Fuster’s compound.

A tiled mult-unit home next door to Casa Fuster.

Street signs in Havana are posted on the ground. Here a mosaic-tiled marker indicates the street for Casa Fuster.

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  1. Alfonso Colón

    I was there a week ago and it was so inspirational and melancólic seen all that mosaic art done with love and a lot of work. LOVE IT.

  2. judy

    we are coming to Havana Would love to visit Casa Fuster
    – how far is it from Havana
    – can you just go there or do you need to book ?

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