At Carolina Nitsch, an Exhibit-Worthy Pop-Up Book

NEW YORK—The geometric, sculptural forms Tauba Auerbach has created with paper are feats of architecture. That the graphic, colorful works are contained between the covers of books and collapse and fold when closed is a sight to be seen.

Auerbach’s incredible pages are a part of “Systemic,” a group show at Carolina Nitsch Project Room featuring artists, who according to the gallery, “take a systems-based approach to their processes or, in some cases, critique the structures and organizations which spread into our lives and communities.”

“Systemic” includes Auerbach, along with artists E.V. Day, Jürgen Drescher, Richard Dupont, Spencer Finch, Carsten Höller, Alyson Shotz, and Aaron Spangler, and is on view from June 29 to Aug. 11, 2012.

All photos © Arts Observer

From left, “Speech Bubble XII” by Jürgen Drescher and “[2, 3],” 2011 (oversized pop-up book featuring six die-cut paper sculptures) by Tauba Auerbach.

Detail of Auerbach volume, each pop up is inspired by a geometric form.

Detail of Auerbach volume, each pop-up sculpture folds flat into a bound book. All six of the pop-up books fit into a slip case. The edition of 1,000 is signed and numbered on a card insert.

In foreground, “Head Head,” 2011 (solid cast polyurethane head with smaller heads imbedded inside) by Richard Dupont; At left, “The River That Flows Both Ways,” 2011 (five pigmented paper panels) by Spencer Finch.

In foreground, “Spiral (for LB)” by Alyson Shotz. Background at right, “Speech Bubble XII,” 2011 (silver plated epoxy form) by Jürgen Drescher.

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