Inside/Out: Ruben Toledo Has the Elevator Covered

NEW YORK—Days after posting a survey of elevator art, Arts Observer discovered that Ruban Toledo has added to his installation at Treasure & Bond. When the store opened, one year ago this month, Toleda created a pair of stunning black and white murals on the elevator exteriors on both floors. Since then, the fashion illustrator has complemented his original work with a colorful installation on the interior of the Nordstrom-owned store’s elevator. It is a shame the elevator only travels between two floors. The brief ride is not nearly enough time to appreciate Toledo’s stylish muses.

Check out the exteriors of the elevator at Treasure & Bond and the post about other elevator art installations.

All photos © Arts Observer

Toledo installed black and white illustrations on the exterior of the elevator and infused the interior with a carnival of color.

The fashion illustrator used a dynamic mix of patterns and colors for the fantastic fashion illustrations. The lettering he uses spells out terms, phrases and attributes relevant to the work, such as “Treasure and Bond,” “New York City,” “charisma” and “The City Never Sleeps.”

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