H Street NE Festival 2: Food, Beer, Art Cars and Live Painting

WASHINGTON, DC—Beer lovers were in their element. H NE Street, a gentrified enclave that has been thriving for several years now, held a street festival today. The hip neighborhood’s annual event (from about 8th to 15th streets) bested other local fests by amplifying the standard food truck and vendor fare with moments, opportunities and activities unique to the corridor, and lots and lots of beer options—in taverns and cordoned off special event areas—if you could present a valid ID. Ben’s Chili Bowl was on hand, and had plenty of company up and down the street as huge smokers prepared all-manner of BBQ and artists painted canvases and cars.

More observations from The H Street Festival.

All photos © Arts Observer

Every kind of food imaginable was being sold at the street festival and there was a contingent of food trucks (including from left, BBQ Bus, Big Cheese and Maine Lobster Truck) on hand too.

Enormous smokers were used to serve up ribs, links, chicken and burgers.

Gallery Oonh sponsored an exhibit of several art cars along the street, including this Chevy “Graffitti Truck” painted by J. Coleman and owned by Steve Hessler.

Detail of Chevy “Graffiti Truck.”

Painted Volkswagen bug owned by Lylia Childress and painted by Ghulam Sarwar.

This man was very serious about spreading American spirit.

Crunkcakes was selling alcohol-infused cupcakes and required patrons be 21 to enter their makeshift cafe area.

Cherif Mamadou started this painting at the beginning of the day and planned to finish before the festival ended.

Artist Jojo live spray painting his works.

This guy was performing all kinds of tricks and somersaults with a pogo stick.

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  1. Irene M.

    What kind of paint is suitable for cars? And, shouldn’t it be put through the special “oven” which will stabilize the car paint? And what about an outer coat of gloss, to make it more durable? And is it available in metallics?

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