Kevin Francis Gray: A Classic Twist on Street Art

NEW YORK—Upon first glance, Kevin Francis Gray’s work looks like a series of classic European sculptures, but closer examination reveals the busts and statues to be modeled after contemporary subjects, ordinary men and women from his London community.

Haunch of Venison hosted Gray’s first solo exhibition at its gallery in September. The gallery describes his sculptures thus: “Drawn heavily from both popular culture and the gritty reality of an uncompromised urban life, Gray’s subjects are people from the neighborhood surrounding his studio in London who he approached in chance meetings on the street.”

The exhibition was on view in New York from Sept. 4 to Sept. 29, 2012.

All photos © Arts Observer

“Twelve Chambers,” 2012 (12 porcelain heads, brass, black marble, black walnut, and steel stands).

From left, “Heavy Arms,” 2012 (bronze) and “Ballerina,” 2012 (carrara marble).

“Ballerina Bust,” 2012 (marble).

From left, “India Stading,” 2012 (bronze).

Detail of “Twelve Heads.”

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