Hideki Takahashi’s Cows are Hanging on 28th Street

NEW YORK—Last weekend, Hideki Takahashi put his cows out to pasture on West 28th street. Tokyo-born, Brooklyn-based Takahashi paints cows on denim with expert freehand strokes and gives his works celebrity and political-inspired names such as “Tom and Katie,” “Oba and Mich,” “Bill and Hillary,” “Fed and Interest” and “Paparazzi.” The installation, titled “Cows in the City,” appears behind a flower-lined fence between 10th and 11th avenues.

“Cows in the City” is sponsored by Ultima Gallery.

All photos © Arts Observer

“Angie, Brad and the Kids” (oil on denim).

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  1. Diane Eamtrakul

    UltimaGallery will donate the first cow painted by Hideki to Freinds of the Highline the auction will start Nov 1 and end on Nov 10 please check Ebay.

    Te installation will be open to the public to get closer look of Cows in he City byHideki on Thurs. Fri from 5-7.30PM and Sat- Sun 12- 6.30 PM until Nov 10, 2012.

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