Sphere of Influence: Elad Lassry at The Kitchen

NEW YORK—The architecture of the gallery is an essential component of “Elad Lassry: Untitled (Presence),” a photography exhibit that explores the relationships of various media. A complement to the Lassry billboard installed along The High Line at the end of the summer, the exhibit is shown in a pair of spaces divided by walls with geometric cut-outs and pink and green scalloped edges at The Kitchen.

The gallery describes the work of Los Angeles-based Lassry thus: “To date, Elad Lassry’s practice has revolved around cultural conditions surrounding photography and, more specifically, the question of when the photographic image obtains presence—becoming at once a kind of material object and display for viewers’ projections. In Untitled (Presence), Lassry extends such an inquiry into real space, producing not only an exhibition but also a performance featuring ten dancers from the American Ballet Theater and New York City Ballet.”

“Ed Lassry: Untitled (Presence)” is on view from Sept. 7 to Oct. 20, 2012.

All photos © Arts Observer

“Elad Lassry: Untitled (Presence)” is curated by Tim Griffin, executive director and chief curator of The Kitchen.

From left, “Women 065,” 2012 (silver gelatin print, walnut frame) and “Woman 071,” 2012 (screen print on offset print on paper, walnut frame).

“Untitled (Wall, New York),” 2012 (MDF, plaster, dry wall, paint, poplar).

“Women (055, 065),” 2012 (C-print, painted frame), also the subjects of Lassry’s billboard on The High Line.

From left, “Woman 25” and “Man 092,” both 2012 (screen print on offset print on paper, walnut frame); “Women (055, 065),” 2012 (C-print, painted frame); and “Dishes (Porcelain, Green),” 2012 (C-print, painted frame).

“Untitled (Eggs, Eyes),” 2012 (16 mm film: 9:45 mins,looped).

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