At Gladstone Gallery, Andro Wekua’s ‘Dreaming Dreaming’

NEW YORK—From the figure with purple hair to the abstract canvases and model-sized, paint-strewn structure—liberal use of color is a common thread through the eclectic mix of new works by Andro Wekua on exhibit at Gladstone Gallery.

The gallery describes the collection thus: “Working in a diverse array of media, Wekua has developed a visual language grounded in the exploration of human experience through the subtle intersections of individual and collective memory, personal identity, and history. Looking to genres such as fantasy, science fiction, and horror, Wekua creates fantastical and often macabre tableaux, revealing the complex processes of reconstruction and fragmentation that continually inform the personal, social, and fictive experience of remembrance.”

“Dreaming Dreaming” is on view at Gladstone’s West 24th Street space from Sept. 21 to Nov. 3, 2012.

All photos © Arts Observer

Above, in foreground and top of page, “Untitled,” 2012 (acrylic plaster, wood, steel, gypsum fiber board, acrylic paint).

“I Look Like You Look Like I Look Like,” 2011/2012 (oil on canvas).

Detail of “2020,” 2011/2012 (oil on canvas).

In foreground, “Folded Sunset,” 2012 (arcylic plaster, wood, steel, gypsum fiber board, acrylic paint, pigmented cast glass and stainless steel).

In foreground, “Folded Sunset.”

“Pink Wave/Framed,” 2011/2012 (oil on canvas).

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