Pablo Lehmann Builds a Paper House in Anthropologie

NEW YORK—There is a bookcase, a collapsed bed, curtains and a lopsided picture frame, all crafted from found paper. What looks like a small studio apartment has been installed in the gallery at the Rockefeller Center Anthropologie store. Titled “The Scribe’s House,” the installation by Pablo Lehmann is composed of book pages with aged, browning edges.

By cutting and layering, the Argentinian artist has created texture and dimension. The floor is carpeted with torn pages. Literarily inspired, Lehmann has been developing “The Scribe’s House” for two years and it is scheduled to debut at Art Basel in Miami in December.

All photos © Arts Observer

Detail of layered pages on the floor.

Detail of collapsed paper bed frame and blanket.

Detail of bookshelf.

Detail of curtains.

A series of book pages cut into strips creates dimension and texture on the ceiling and walls.

Detail of picture frame.

Installation view.

Detail of torn book pages that compose the “carpet.”

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