Bergdorf Follies: Holiday Windows in a Series of Acts

NEW YORK—A fabulous show has debuted on Fifth Avenue. Deemed the “BG Follies of 2012,” Bergdorf Goodman’s recently unveiled holiday windows celebrate performance and entertainment traditions from the 1920s and 30s.

Act II: “Naughty and Nice” is a tribute to Sally Rand, a burlesque performer who originated the risque fan dance.

It doesn’t really feel like Christmas until Bergdorf’s fanciful holiday windows debut. This season, the luxury retailer has designed a series elaborate tableaux paying tribute to the Ziegfield Follies, Vaudeville and Art Deco-era styling. With gold leaf, mirrored mosaic and all-white feather themes, each window is an “act” featuring vintage mannequins, designer gowns and thousands of decorative objects.

Act III: “A Cast of Thousands” showcases a collection of rare mid-century miniature American mannequins once used for display and merchandising, as well as for sewing practice.”

David Hoey discusses the ideas behind the windows:

Led by David Hoey, the holiday windows were produced by the Bergdorf’s visual team and will be on display through Jan. 3, 2013.

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Act V features a giant mirrored, rotating kaleidoscope with mannequins wearing intricate mosaic gowns.

Act I is a “black and white homage to Marilyn Monroe in Billy Wilder’s “Some Like It Hot (complete with silver ukulele).”

Detail of Act I featuring a bird’s-eye view of a stylish six-piece band.

Act IV envisions a novelty act featuring “24 plaster dogs performing every trick under the sun.”

Detail of “Daredevil Act” featuring show dogs.

Detail of ornate bustier by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen.

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the “BG Follies of 2012” via The Coveteur.

Detail of gown by Naeem Khan.

Detail of gown by Naeem Khan.

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