Artist Spotlight: Dianne Smith Knows How to Paper a Room

MIAMI—With plain brown paper, Harlem artist Dianne Smith creates transporting environments and functional furniture. Her installations are composed of voluminous swaths of butcher paper, crumpled to create textured wall coverings, and packed tightly to form sturdy stools.

Smith transforms spaces with brown butcher paper installations.

Smith also works in mixed media, oil on canvas and graphite on paper, and she also creates functional pieces with leather and knit fabric.

Her newest work, the butcher paper installations, have fabulous, descriptive titles like “Afro Syllogisms,” “Loosely Coupled” and “Within Shadows Cast.” The environments are secured with staples and nails and have been installed around the world—in Germany, New York, Virginia and most recently the Select Fair, during Art Basel Miami Beach.

All photos © Arts Observer

The installation in Miami was titled “Connections.”

Smith’s work was on view in Room 224 of the Catalina hotel at the Select Fair.


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