During Armory Arts Week, Literary Inspiration Abounds

NEW YORK—From a large-scale black and white photo to a over-sized bound volume of felt lowercase letter “a’s,” innovative works inspired by books on are view at various venues participating in Armory Arts Week. A brief survey of some of the most inventive is featured below.

Armory Arts Week events run from March 5 to March 10, 2013.

All photos © Arts Observer

ARMORY SHOW: “Dust 5,” 2011 (pigment print on linen paper) by Ji Zhou at Tang Contemporary Art of China.

ARMORY SHOW: “God is Great (#1b),” 1991 (glass, books, resin) by John Latham at Lisson Gallery of London.

According to Lisson’s website, “Latham’s most famous works are his book-reliefs which he made from the 1950s onwards, both wall-based and free-standing.”

Detail of “God is Great.”

VOLTA NY: “Beethoven,” 2012 (books) by Long-Bin Chen at Frederieke Taylor of New York.

Alternative view: Long-Bin Chen creates his busts with books and magazines, as shown here from the back of one of his works.

INDEPENDENT: “Almanac,” 2013 (Eight felt double page spreads with ‘a’ line cut, white felt end pages, hard cover, hand bound) by Blake Rayne at Westreich Wagner Publications/Art Advisory Services of New York.

VOLTA NY: Detail of “One Day at a Time,” 2012 (paperback books, acrylic varnish) by Brian Dettmer at Kinz + Tillou Fine Art of New York.

Installation view of “One Day at a TIme.”

ARMORY SHOW: “Apocalypse,” 2013 (found typewriter, etching) by Kris Martin at Sies + Hoke of Dusseldorf.

Alternative view: Shows “apocalyptic” image on found etching.

ARMORY SHOW: Digital lighting books by Airan Kang at Bryce Wolkowitz of New York.

“Luminous Words,” an exhibition of Airan Kang’s work is on view at Bryce Wolkowitz from Feb. 28 to April 6, 2013.

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