Armory Modern: Choice Classics and Interesting Finds

NEW YORK— From a striking steel horse by Deborah Butterfield to Chuck Close’s felt hand-stamped portraits and a fascinating set of tin types made modern with whimsical strokes of brightly colored paint, Armory Modern offered a restrained complement to the main Armory Show’s contemporary showcase. The Andy Warhol Museum opened up shop among the exhibiting galleries, staging a series of screen test sessions at its booth. Visitors were given the opportunity to sit for Andy Warhol-style “screen tests” filmed with a vintage camera that were later emailed to the participating subjects.

The Armory Modern Show was on view at Pier 92, adjacent to the main Armory Show on Pier 94, from March 7 to March 10, 2013.

Top: “Chrome Red,” 2012 (found steel, welded) by Deborah Butterfield at Danese of New York.

All photos © Arts Observer

“Untitled (Woven Mindscape 1),” 2012 (woven silk) edition of 5 by Ryan McGinness at Pace Prints of New York.

From left, Portraits of artists Cecily Brown, Chuck Close and Kara Walker: “Cecily/Felt Hand Stamp,” “Self Portrait/Felt Hand Stamp” and “Kara/Felt Hand Stamp,” all 2012 (oil on paper) editions of 40 by Chuck Close at Pace Prints of New York.

Detail of “Self Portrait/Felt Hand Stamp,” 2012 (oil on paper) edition of 40 by Chuck Close.

“Despues de un Puno,” 1987 (arylic, oil stick and paper on canvas) by Jean-Michel Basquiat at Galerie Sho Contemporary Art of Tokyo.

Detail of “Despues de un Puno” by Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Detail of “Untitled Disc with Chain,” 2008 (conte on wood, chain) by Whitfield Lovell at DC Moore Gallery of New York.

Installation view of “Untitled Disc with Chain,” 2008 (conte on wood, chain) by Whitfield Lovell, with four painted tin type photographs by Duane Michals at DC Moore Gallery.

From left, “Whirligig” and “A Young Man Growing Old,” both 2012 (tin type with hand-applied oil paint) by Duane Michals at DC Moore Gallery.

Detail of “The Gamble,” 1968 (mixed-media collage of various papers, gouache, watercolor and playing cards on board) by Romare Bearden at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery of New York.

“Scent Series (Nos. 251-275), 2011-12 (watercolor on paper) by Robert Cottingham at Forum Gallery of New York.

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