All in the Family: Chuck Close Immortalizes His In-Laws

WASHINGTON, DC—Chuck Close’s grandmother-in-law once presided over an entire wall in the National Gallery of Art‘s contemporary wing. Now she has company. “Nat,” Close’s 1971 painting of his father-in-law Nat Rose is one of the master portrait artist’s earliest works executed in color. Currently on view right next to “Fanny/Fingerpainting,” the familial portraits represent the National Gallery’s sizable collection of Close works. It has acquired 39, including the photograph that inspired Fanny’s portrait and a set of interpretations of Nat’s image in “five color states.”

All images © Arts Observer

Detail of “Nat,” 1971 (acrylic on canvas) by Chuck Close.

Installation view January 2012.

Detail of “Fanny/Fingerpainting,” 1985 (oil on canvas) by Chuck Close.

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