Washington Hotel Hosts Emerging Artists This Weekend

WASHINGTON, DC — Emerging artists and the galleries that represent them have checked into the Capitol Skyline Hotel for the third annual (e)merge art fair.

The show begins in the lobby where performance artist Andrew Wadzianski is tapping away on a manual typewriter. Nara Park has taken over the hotel gym installing a mound of wallpaper wrapped shapes and the ATM machine on the way to the pool is surrounded by a cascading collection of knotted white rope balls by Nancy Daly.

Detail of “Self Portrait as Jack Torrance,” live performance by Andrew Wodzianski.

Most of the art is on view on the second floor, where a corridor of hotel rooms has been transformed into an art walk of small galleries. (e)merge features more than 150 artists and 80 exhibitors from more than 30 countries. The Washington region is well represented. In addition to the exhibits, the weekend includes performances, an auction and panel discussions.

The fair was founded three years ago by Leigh Conner and Jamie Smith of local gallery CONNERSMITH and is presented at the Southwest Washington hotel owned by the Rubell Family, whose extensive collection of contemporary art is world renowned.

The (e)merge art fair runs from Oct. 3-6, 2013.

All photos © Arts Observer

Live performance: Throughout the weekend, artist Andrew Wodzianski is typing, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” over and over again.

Installation view of “Somewhere Here,” 2012 (wallpaper, decorative moss) by Nara Park.

Installation view of “#LookingForLove,” by Baltimore-based artist Nancy Daly.

Detail of “Untitled” by Jesse Harrod of Harrisonburg, Va.

Self portraits by Danielle Scruggs of Washington, D.C.

Detail of “Down River Vashka” by Tristan Hamel of Helsinki, Finland.

“Down River Vashka” is a series of hinged lid wood boxes full of symbolic, artistic treasures on a plywood map, with accompanying audio.

Detail of “a series of silent remarks,” by Magnolia Laurie of Baltimore.

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