Primary Modernism: Sherri Levin at Paula Cooper Gallery

NEW YORK—Trios of primary-colored mirrors ring Paula Cooper Gallery where Sherri Levin is showing a collection of new works exploring Modernism. The gallery describes “Red Yellow Blue” as an “investigation into the movement’s foundational myths and repressed memories.”

The title of the exhibition is from a work by the late Russian artist Aleksander Rodchenko. The gallery notes that his “Pure Red Color, Pure Yellow Color, Pure Blue Color,” a three-panel monochrome work created in 1921, was exhibited in a Constructivist exhibition in Moscow. After the show, Rodchenko announced the following, “I reduced painting to its logical conclusion… it’s all over.”

Levin’s “Red Yellow Blue” is on view at Paula Cooper’s 534 W 21st Street location from April 17 to May 23, 2014.

All photos by Arts Observer

The works on view include two bronze sculptures, Tight Coffin (modeled after an child’s antique coffin) and Bird Mask (based on a mask from Papua New Guinea) as well as sets of red, yellow and blue mirror works.

Detail of red, yellow and blue mirror sets.

Installation view.

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