Jaume Plensa: ‘Echo’ has a Heady, Tranquil Presence

NEW YORK—There is a stark white sculpture of a head in the middle of Madison Square Park. Echo, by Barcelona artist Jaume Plensa, infuses the lively space with a sort of unreal presence. Set against the green of the park lawn and canopy of trees, the white face with soft features creates a peaceful, calming atmosphere.

Standing 44 feet tall, the marble-dusted sculpture is made of polyester resin and fiberglass. The impressive installation was inspired by the Greek nymph Echo and was modeled after the artist’s nine-year old neighbor, “lost in a state of thoughts and dreams.”

Echo debuted in May as a part of the Mad. Sq. Art public art program. Originally it was to remain on display until Aug. 14, but the installation has been extended to Sept. 11.

Photos by Arts Observer

Echo (2011) by Jaume Plensa

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