Vintage Cars Roll into Harlem

Above and below (2): Convertible 1959 Chevy Corvette, Owner Michael Barbee

Harlem, NEW YORK—Checked out the Upper Manhattan Autoshow today—an annual showcase of vintage cars where classic American design was on display.

Marking its 22nd year, the Harlem Week event began with a procession through the neighborhood, starting at Duke Ellington Plaza at 110th Street and Fifth Avenue.

The caravan of pristinely restored classics concluded at the show venue on 135th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard.

The owners were on hand to share the history and design details of their prized vehicles, including a Lincoln with suicide doors, convertible Jaguars and Cadillacs, Buicks and Fords.

All photos by Arts Observer

From left: 1959 Chevy Belair, Owner William Scott; 1941 Buick Limited, Owner Tom Robinson

1959 Chevy Belair in Gypsy Red with biege accents, Owner William Scott

1941 Buick Limited, Owner Tom Robinson

1961 Ford Thunderbird (2)

Convertible 1970 Cadillac, Owner Fred Brownlee (2)

1956 Lincoln Continental, Mark II, Owners Fred and Regina Mobley (3)

Fred Mobley noted that the circular accent on the trunk was designed to accommodate the spare tire inside and the most unique feature—the gas tank is hidden within the driver’s side tail light.

1957 Chevy Belair, Owner Bill Newkirk

1961 Lincoln Continental with suicide doors, Owner G. Wood

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  1. Bertha Robinson

    They are all beautiful. I had no idea that there was an Upper Manhattan Auto Show or
    that there were so many classic car owners in the community. These are the models people were driving when I was growing up in Harlem. What a PLEASURE to know so many are still around

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