‘My Week with Marilyn’ and Warhol

WASHINGTON, DC—Over the weekend I saw “My Week with Marilyn.” The film recounts the real-life experience of Colin Clark, a 23-year-old who lands a job as third assistant director—gofer, essentially—on the set of “The Prince and the Bombshell.” Clark becomes Monroe’s confidante during the production of 1956 English film.

Michelle Williams plays the legendary ingenue and her performance is brilliant. She channels Monroe with a spot-on portrayal.

“My Week with Marilyn” reminded me of two Andy Warhol works at museums on the National Mall that were inspired by Monroe—”Green Marilyn” and “Marilyn Monroe’s Lips.” In the film, while touring Buckingham Palace Monroe asks Clark if she should “be Marilyn,” the bombshell everyone expects, for the admirers who’ve gathered to greet her. Both paintings reference the “Marilyn” the public had come to expect.

Photos by Arts Observer

Above, “Marilyn Monroe’s Lips,” 1962 (synthetic polymer, silkscreen ink and graphite on two canvases) at the Smithsonian’s Hirshhorn Museum. Top of page, “Green Marilyn,” 1962 (silkscreen on synthetic polymer paint on canvas) at the National Gallery of Art.

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