Brooklyn Pride: ‘Neighborhood’ Portraits by Oliver Jeffers at Bertrand Delacroix

Detail of “American Matter (Part 1).”

NEW YORK—There are several figurative painting by Oliver Jeffers on display at the Bertrand Delacroix Gallery. The works are character sketches, almost all of them people you would expect to see walking down the street in Brooklyn, which is where the Irish-born artist lives.

Jeffers is a successful children’s book illustrator and the light-hearted sensibilities of that work are evidenced in his paintings, yet the figures still have striking, realistic qualities.

Jeffers work is a part of a group show at the gallery on exhibit through the holidays.

All photos by Arts Observer

“South Williamsberg,” 2011 shown through the gallery’s front window advertising the group show.

“Before My Time,” 2011 (oil on canvas).

From left, “Making a Trade,” 2011 and “Invisible Dog,” 2011 (both oil on canvas).

“South Williamsberg,” 2011 (oil on canvas)…featuring red Nike high tops.

“American Matter (Part 1),” 2011 (oil and letraset on canvas).

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