Diego Toledo’s Small Wood Structures Shine in ‘All Systems Go!’ at C24 Gallery

NEW YORK—Since November, C24 Gallery has featured “All Systems Go!” a group show of international artists that appears disparate, but the gallery says is connected not by content, but concept. The works are “all harmoniously linked by their architectural, structural and graphic elements.”

When you enter the gallery, yarn is strung from one wall of the space to the other, forcing visitors to interact with the art, ducking under and around the string, in order to navigate the gallery. Most of the works are bursting with color, including globs of exploding felt and rolled up yoga mats.

Among these lively, curious displays is an interior, low-lit gallery to which I was drawn. It features small wood structures by Diego Toledo. Are they light houses, tree houses, prison guard towers, oil wells, life guard outlooks at the beach? The gallery describes them as a series of “wooden maquettes” and the display’s lighting creates compelling shadows that make the sculptures take on an entirely new dimensions.

Toledo also has a series of formica structural wall installations in the show.

Born in Mexico, Toledo started working as a painter and has transitioned to exploring other mediums and materials that test our understanding of space and through architecture.

In addition to Toleda, “All Systems Go!” features work by Brendan Early, Marman & Borins, AA Rucci and Tilo Schulz, and today is the last day of the exhibit.

All photos by Arts Observer

The installation includes three small and three larger structures. Each item in the series is titled “Limits of View,” 2009 (is composed of the same materials: pinewood, glue, electrical light source) and executed in a range of dimensions.

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