U.S. Postal Museum Showcases Mailbox Designs From Around the World

WASHINGTON, DC—Over the years, U.S. mailboxes have been painted army green, red and all-American cobalt blue. A permanent installation at the National Postal Museum surveys mailboxes from around the world. Designs from Germany, Finland, Taiwan, Canada and the Vatican, among other locales, showcase diverse interpretations that vary greatly from the American standard. Across the globe, mailboxes come in many shapes and sizes and bright, beautiful colors—from citrus yellow and orange to robin’s egg blue and silver.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, from left, Netherlands and Finland; Top of page, from left, Sweden and Taiwan.

From left, Australia, Ireland, the Vatican, Sweden, Taiwan and Denmark.


A selection of U.S. mailboxes.

From left, Japan, India, Germany, Netherlands, Finland and Canada.

From left, Japan, India and Germany.


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