Saint Clair Cemin Works on View in Chelsea and on Broadway

NEW YORK—Paul Kasmin Gallery is exhibiting a collection of new works by Brazilian artist Saint Clair Cemin. “Six” showcases Cemin’s modern, surrealist works and coincides with his public art debut in New York. Seven of his sculptures have been installed along Broadway between West 57th and West 157th streets.

“Six” is on view at Paul Kasmin on West 27th Street from Sept. 6 to Oct. 13, 2012. “Saint Clair on Broadway” is on view from Sept. 6 to mid-November 2012.

All photos © Arts Observer

Paul Kasmin is exhibiting “Six” sculptures by Brazilian artist Saint Clair Cemin.

“World As Flow,” 2012 (stainless steel).

“Maman,” 2012 (stainless steel, bronze).

“Greece,” 2012 (bronze).

Detail of “Greece.”

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