Jennifer Poon’s Watercolors Juxtapose Beauty with Bleak Themes

NEW YORK—Jennifer Poon paints beautiful, moody watercolors. The images include delicate natural elements—trees, birds, leaves and flowers—with human figures that appear slightly deformed or disturbed. “Strange Blooms,” her recent show at Claire Oliver Gallery, featured watercolors as well as fabric sculptures. It is unclear what is going on with the juxtaposition of elements in Poon’s work, but the gallery refers to the watercolors as “feminine” in nature with “compelling and bleak” themes that explore “violence, ambiguity and irony.”

“Strange Blooms” was on view from Jan. 5 to Feb. 11, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, “Baby Birds,” (watercolor and gouache on paper); Top of page, “Mirror in a Terrarium,” (watercolor, gouache, silver leaf and thread on paper).

Detail of “Baby Birds.”

Far left in background, “Leaning Forward, Pulling Back,” (watercolor and gouache on paper). Framed work for the gallery’s next show, “Norbert Brunner: Smiling Broadly,” which opened on Feb. 16, leans against the wall.

“As Yet to be Titled,” (watercolor and gouache on paper).

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