Ben Bunch Debuts ’21st Freemasonry’: The Turntable is Actually Made of Foam

NEW YORK—The Proposition Gallery is showing a quirky collection of new works by Ben Bunch. The St. Louis born-artist creates objects from foam, paper and glue that replicate or reference real technology, electric wiring and hardware. Titled “Twenty-First Freemasonry,” the small show of 10 objects includes abstract sculptures as well as a copy machine and a record turntable, all constructed of colorful foam.

Bunch, who lives and works in New York city, describes the objects thus: “The works often reference technology but they are not about technology. Rather they are about the energy and focus that is concentrated in the gesture of building them up. The imagery of the pieces is more a vessel to carry a mood about these frozen and isolated objects. I want them to feel akin to idols or cult-like objects emanating an uneasy power of the inanimate.”

The exhibit is on view from Jan. 21 to Feb. 26, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

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