At Galerie Richard, a Dose of Glass-Blown Drug Capsules by Beverly Fishman

NEW YORK—There are a handful of hand-blown glass capsules sitting on the front counter of Galerie Richard. The pharmaceutical sculptures are from “Pill Spill” a show of works by Beverly Fishman that concluded last month.

The gallery described the exhibition thus: “Fishman’s ‘Pill Spill’ is an installation of 90 unique glass capsule forms that take their cue from mood-altering drugs. Each of the hand blown elements juxtapose multiple patterns, surfaces, and hues into an arresting spectacle… At Galerie Richard, the capsules are reconfigured to underscore the viewer’s personal relationship to pharmaceuticals. These tantalizing yet paradoxical medications—glass capsules that won’t dissolve—remind us that medicine can be both a cure and a poison.”

Photos by Arts Obsever

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