Raw/Cooked at Brooklyn Museum Showcases Paintings by Shura Chernozatonskaya

NEW YORK—Artist Shura Chernozatonskaya has installed two site-specific installations at the Brooklyn Museum. The exhibits are a part of the institution’s Raw/Cooked initiative which showcases the work of emerging Brooklyn-based artists. Born in Russia, Chernozatonskaya lives and works in Red Hook.

The exhibit is on view from Jan. 27 to April 8, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

The work Chernozatonskaya created for the lobby of the museum is composed of 33 canvases. The paintings are similar to a series called “Go No Stop” that she created last year.

Detail of “Art,” 2011 (oil on canvas).

The canvases on exhibit in the Beaux-Arts Court reflect the four themes of European gallery—Painting Land and Sea, Tracing the Figure, Art and Devotion, and above, Russian Modern; Above, “Devotion,” 2011 (oil on canvas).

From left, “Russian Modern 2 (KOM)” and “Russian Modern 1 (TOCKA).”

Detail of “Russian Modern 2 (KOM).”

“Tracing the Figure (A Man),” 2011 (oil on canvas).

“Tracing the Figure (A Woman),” 2011 (oil on canvas).

From left, “Land” and “Sea” (both 2012, water and acrylic on canvas).

Detail of “Sea.”

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