Artful Entry: 7 City Doors Offer a Creative Welcome

NEW YORK—Walking throughout the city, inspiring art and design can be found at almost every turn. Creative business owners and residents often give particular attention to doors whether through design or with paint. This selection of seven spectacular entries—from Soho, to Chelsea and Harlem—are distinguished by their architecture or are transformed by serving as canvases.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above and top of page, 1. Entry to OK Harris Gallery at 383 West Broadway in Soho.

2. 509 W. 27th Street in Chelsea: Lost Art, a luxury leather brand founded by artist Jordan Betten, who painted the door.

3. Mural at Welling Court in Queens features painted doorway.

Detail of gated doorway shows a young couple embracing.

4. The futuristic, architectural entry to the Commes des Garcons store at 520 W. 22nd Street in Chelsea reflects the clothing brand’s designs.

5. Doors to the Bar Downstairs at the Andaz Hotel on Fifth Avenue near 42nd Street and across from the New York Public Library. The bar’s tbd Art program features rotating mural installations. This image by Claw Money is from March 2012.

Door to the Bar Downstairs features image by Mr. Cartoon in January 2012.

Inaugural mural at the Bar Downstairs shown in November 2011 by M. Dreeland depicts a colorful reflection of the Statue of Liberty.

6. Carved wood door on W. 127th Street in Harlem.

Detail of African motifs on carved door.

7. The Hiro Ballroom at the Maritime Hotel on Ninth Avenue between 16th and 17th streets features a Japanese-inspired painting on a door that opens like a sliding barn door.

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