‘Skinetics’: Alan Rath Uses Digital Media to Explore Human Gestures

NEW YORK—The gestures we make with our eyes, mouths and hands, often say much more than the words we speak. Alan Rath explores this notion using digital media. “Skintics,” his solo show at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery includes new work Rath created in has San Francisco studio. While it is initially a bit off putting to see disembodied eyes staring out you from across gallery, Rath’s creations are intriguing. The gallery fittingly notes that the beauty of his work is the “subtle interplay between art and technology.”

Today is the last day of the show which is on view from March 1 to April 7, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Top of page, “Read My Lips,” 2012 (aluminum, FR-4, polyethylene, custom electronics amd LCD).

“Yes, Yes, Yes!,” 2012 (aluminum, steel, rubber, fiber glass, FR-4, custom electronics, motors and pheasant feathers).

The feathers in “Yes, Yes, Yes” cycle through many stages of movement, from a downward facing resting position, to a swirling extended stance an upright gesture as though standing at attention.

From left, “Bostock,” 2012 (aluminum, FR-4, polyethylene, delrin, custom electronics and LCDs) and “Watcher VIII.”

“Watcher VIII,” 2012 (aluminum, FR-4, polyethylene, custom electronics and LCDs).

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