Surreal Experience: Works by Les Lalanne at Paul Kasmin

NEW YORK-There is a statuesque hare, a big blue convertible hippo, large- and small-scale cabbage with bird feet, and bronze furniture cast using life-size crocodiles. More often than not, Paul Kasmin hosts transporting exhibits. The surrealist nature of the gallery’s current show is certainly makes viewers feel like they are in a wonderland. A curation of more than 30 animal-inspired works by French artists Claude Lalanne and François-Xavier Lalanne (1927-2008), it is inventive, unexpected and enchanting. The husband and wife team worked together for more than 40 years and exhibited under the name Les Lalanne.

The exhibit (showing in both of the gallery’s Chelsea locations) features historic and more recent sculptures, including new work by Claude, and will be on view from May 4 to June 16, 2012.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, from left, “Choupatte Moyen (Tres Grand),” 2008 (galvano and bronze) and “Nouveau Lapin de Victoire (grand),”(bronze) both by Claude Lalanne. Top of page, Detail of “Nouveau Lapin de Victoire (grand).”

“Double Tourterelle,” 1998 (aluminum and wood) by Francois-Xavier Lalanne.

“Les 3 Beliers (Triptyque de moutons),” 1990 (bronze). At center, “Trône de Pauline moyen,” 2004 (bronze) by Claude Lalanne.

From left, “Direction de L’Escargot,” 2012 (bronze); “Double Tourterelle,” 1998 (aluminum and wood); and “Hippopotame I,” 1968-1969 (polyester resin, copper and iron), all three by Francois-Xavier Lalanne

“Singe Alternatif,” 2012 (zinc) by François-Xavier Lalanne.

“Choupatte Moyen,” 2012 (galvano and bronze) by Claude Lalanne.

“Gorille de Surete II,” 1984 (bronze) by Francois-Xavier Lalanne.

From left, “Bureau Croco,” 2007 (bronze) and “Crocoseat,” 2007 (bronze), both by Claude Lalanne.

“Bambiloba,” 2012 (aluminum).

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