Murals: From Shepard Fairey to Rag & Bone, Mostly Near Soho

NEW YORK—Throughout the city artists use public facades as canvases. Murals, building adornments and the occasional sidewalk moment can be spotted in almost every neighborhood. Here is a survey of a few observed over the past several months.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, A Shepard Fairey moment on the side of the Little Cupcake Bake Shop on Prince Street (February 2012). Top of page, A mural by British artist DFace on the side of Amarcord, a vintage clothing boutique on Lafayette Street (May 2012).

A couple of months ago, the side of the Rag & Bone store on Houston Street featured its name painted using a bright palette (March 2012).

The brand has been regularly changing the tag on the wall. The next artist paints primer over the surface in order to install his mural (April 2012).

The current interpretation of the brand’s name was painted by Brad Zimmerman (May 2012).

Scene from Lafayette Street in front of Baby Grand, a bar cafe (January 2012).

The front of the bar features an intriguing black and white painting (January 2012).

Detail of the painting outside of the bar Baby Grand (January 2012).

Chairman Mao with a red bow and lips spotted on the sidewalk on West 20th just west of Zieher Smith Gallery (April 2012).

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