At Now Contemporary Art, 4 Artists in ‘Dialog’

MIAMI—Like so many brush strokes, thousands of dangling buttons form balloons that appear light enough to float away. Augusto Esquivel’s works are dense and colorful. His layered sculptural installations rely on quantity to re-imagine the aesthetic possibilities of small plastic buttons. They possess tactile appeal too. Fierce discipline is necessary to resist running your fingers through the suspended works.

“Dialogs,” a group show at Now Contemporary Art is showcasing four artists who create with buttons and other unexpected materials. 3 (Three)’s works are composed of small toys fused together. Federico Uribe uses remnants of tires and electrical cords to form mosaic images. Magadalena Murua’s are inspired by swirling shapes and patterns.

The exhibit is on view from June 9 to June 30, 2012. Tomorrow is the last day.

Photos by Arts Observer

Above and Top of page, “Bundle of Balloons” installation composed of buttons by Augusto Esquivel.

“Candy Shop” by Augusto Esquivel.

Zebras by Federico Uribe was created out of tire remnants.

Detail of Zebra work by Federico Uribe.

Detail of electrical cords used by Federico Uribe in his works.

Landscape by Federico Uribe composed of various colored electrical cords.

Installation view of works by 3 (Three).

Detail of “33.3 Kg.” by 3 (Three).

Detail of “Candy Shop” installation by Augusto Esquivel.

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