Ryan McGinness Puts His Creative Process on Exhibit

NEW YORK—After seeing Ryan McGinness‘s “33 Women” mural in Miami, made a point to view an exhibit of related work in the city just before it closed. At Charles Bank Gallery on the Bowery, “Women: Blacklight Painting and Sculptures” reveals McGinness’s creative process. Known for his large-scale murals, the artist has in recent years made a name for himself in the fine art world. His figures are sculptural, composed of countless shapes that he arrives at after drawing live models, eventually reducing the components of the sketches to their simplest form. The paintings employ countless images of the female forms and are executed using a series of silk screens that were incorporated into the exhibit.

“Women” was on view from May 4 to June 30, 2012, in two galleries: Gering & Lopez Gallery showed his black-and-white sketches and drawings; His florescent black white paintings and sculptures were featured at Charles Bank Gallery. A mural by McGinness that draws on the same female figures as the exhibits is currently on view at Wynwood Walls in Miami.

All photos by Arts Observer

Collection of “Women Screens” completed in 2010.

Detail of one of the screens.

A few of the “Women Screens,” which are composed of acrylic paint residue and photo emulsion on polyester monofilament screen with polyurethane adhesive and polyethylene tape attached to an aluminum frame.

“Detail of Blacklight Women Sculpture 2,” 2011 (florescent car paint on aluminum).

“Blacklight Women Sculpture 3,” 2011 (florescent car paint on aluminum).

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