‘Pothole’: Artist Types Gather at Salon 94

NEW YORK—When you descend the stairs to the main gallery at Salon 94, you never know what to expect. The space may be an overwhelming visual feast (“The Blue Period” by Jon Kessler) or a seemingly disparate collection of works. “Pothole,” a group exhibit currently on view that gathers 10 artists, is the latter.

The gallery describes the artist’s creative connections thus: “Although their practices are diverse, they live in different cities and are not regularly in exhibitions together, their work nonetheless has certain commonalities including a strong emotive or expressionist sensibility as well as an attraction to untraditional, handmade and often “low” materials.”

“Pothole,” on view from to June 6 to July 6, 2012, concludes tomorrow.

All photos by Arts Observer

Above, From left, “BC (3788),” 2012 (collage, paint, bleach, glue, fabric on wood) by Sterling Ruby; “DRAC,” 2011 (oil and crayon on canvas) by Joe Bradley; and “Vampire Flag,” 2012 (fabric and fiber fill) by Sterling Ruby. Top of page, Detail of “Vampire Flag.”

“The Little Guy Among the Big Boys,” 2012 (oil on panel) by Jules De Baincourt.

From left, “Fan,” 2012 (oil on canvas) by Dana Schutz; “Untitled,” 2012 (Plexiglass, resin, acrylic gel, epoxy clay, coconut shells, thread, wire, hair and acrylic paint) by David Altmejd; and “BC (3788)” by Sterling Ruby.

From left, Detail of “Chain of Missing Links,” 2012 (wood, styrofoam, clay, wire, Plexiglass, acrylic paint, weeds, seedpod, skull, rust, graphite and oil stick) by Huma Bhabha. In background from left, “Untitled,” 2012 (ink and acrylic on canvas) by Julie Mehretu; “Two Dogs with Lightning,” 2012 (acrylic, oil, graphite and aluminum on canvas) by Daniel Hesidence and Jason Fox.

“Untitled (Mariime Spring),” 2012 (oil on canvas) by Daniel Hesidence.

From left, “Vampire Flag,” 2012 (fabric and fiber fill) by Sterling Ruby; “Untitled” by Julie Mehretu; “Chain of Missing Links” by Huma Bhabha; and “Untitled (Mariime Spring)” by Daniel Hesidence.

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