Grand Display: Gladstone Exhibits 3 Pianos by Jan Vercruysse

NEW YORK—Pianos continue to make a play in the art world. At Gladstone Gallery three white plaster ones rest on the floor representing a major period of Jan Vercruysse’s work. Spanning more than two decades, “Jan Vercruysse Works 1990-2011,” features selections from the Belgian artist’s three major bodies of work.

The gallery described the creation of the modified grands thus: “From 1992 to 1998, Vercruysse worked on the M(M) series, using three different prototypes of the piano form to produce wooden forms of each. From these Vercruysse created a mold, followed by hollow, plaster, “positive” forms. All are legless pianos resting on beams. The M stands for Memory, Monument, and Momentum.”

The Vercruysse exhibit is on view at Gladstone Gallery from June 21 to Aug. 3, 2012.

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Above, from left, “M(M8)”; “M(M3),” 1992 (plaster, wood and plywood, copper); and “M(M7).” Top of page, “M(M7),” 1992 (plaster, wood, colours on wood).

“M(M8),” 1993 (plaster, wood and plywood, colours).

From left, “M(M8),” “M(M3),” and “M(M7).”

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