GO Brooklyn: Sean Patrick Gallagher Taps the Imagination

Brooklyn, NEW YORK— Sean Patrick Gallagher paints on canvas, and yet his latest series is interactive. “Covered” is a collection of various-sized paintings depicting objects wrapped in fabric and tied with rope. It is up to the viewer to use their imagination and determine the contents.

Gallagher’s works are on display in his studio at Screwball Spaces in Red Hook. On his website, Gallagher states: “By maintaining the anonymity of what is covered to the viewer, I hope the viewer will apply one’s known frame of reference to the unknown. This approach presents an evocative rather than declarative approach, in which one may find what one believes or imagines something to be, rather than discovering what is actually covered.”

Gallagher is one of hundreds of artists working throughout the Brooklyn who participated in the Brooklyn Museum’s GO Brooklyn open studios event over the weekend (Sept. 8 and 9). The community-curated project that will determine the artists chosen for a group exhibit at the museum in December.

Visit Gallagher’s GO Brooklyn page here.

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All photos © Arts Observer

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