Kim Joon’s Symbolic Compositions Bridge East and West

NEW YORK—Fragile porcelain with delicate flower motifs is composed with images from “Love Story” and “Taxi Driver,” a salute to Pink Floyd’s “Off the Wall,” and “fragments of idealized nudes.” The images are the vision of Kim Joon whose new series of digital prints, “Blue Jean Blues,” is being presented at Sundaram Tagore.

The gallery describes the Korean artist’s work as exploring “themes of desire, memory and youth.” Kim’s compositions are all about juxtaposition. Material possessions flirt with “nostalgic obsessions,” “reality and fantasy collide” and Western popular culture clashes with Asian symbolism and the formality of Eastern reserve.

“Blue Jean Blues” is on view from Sept. 6 to Oct. 6, 2012. Works from Kim’s “Drunken” and “Golden Hour” series are also being exhibited.

All photos © Arts Observer

The exhibit is on view at Sundaram Tagore in Chelsea through Oct. 6.

From left, “Rocker-Pink Floyd,” 2012 (digital print) and “Rocker-Jefferson Airplane,” 2012 (digital print).

From left, Rocker hands and “Fragile-Royal Copenhagen,” 2012 (digital print).

“Playboy,” 2012 (digital print).

Kim’s new media works are executed using 3D Studio Max software.

Detail of “Taxi driver,” 2012 (digital print).

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