‘Dressed to the Nines’: Sokari Douglas Camp Depicts Fellow Nigerian Immigrants

NEW YORK—Sokari Douglas Camp has introduced a dynamic group of Nigerians to Chelsea. Her series of powerful, expressive sculptures depicts African immigrants to the West who are “Dressed to the Nines.”

On view at STUX Gallery, the life-size steel works are defined by stylish adornment. With vivid paint colors and detailed cutouts, Camp manipulates and transforms the steel into what looks like fabric clothing. The figures make both an aesthetic and socio-political statement—exploring issues such as toxic waste and oil profits and cultural and generational matters.

Camp was born in Nigeria and lives and works in London. “Dressed to the Nines” is on view from Oct. 26 to Dec. 15, 2012.

TOP IMAGE: Detail of “Purge,” 2010 (steel, acrylic paint, oil barrels).

All photos © Arts Observer

Originally scheduled to conclude on Nov. 24, the exhibit has been extended until Dec. 15.

“Butterfly Head,” 2011 (steel and acrylic paint).

“Material Salsa,” 2011 (steel and acrylic paint).

Detail of “Material Salsa,” with Sokari Douglas Camp shown in the background.

Detail of “Material Salsa.”

“Afro Rock,” 2011 (steel and acrylic paint).

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