UC Video: New University System Brand Identity

A few months ago, the University of California adopted a new brand identity that has not been universally embraced. The radio show 99% Invisible recently explored the situation with Vanessa Correa, the UC creative director who led the development of the new brand identity, and Christopher Simmons of the design firm MINE of San Francisco, who wrote a thoughtful critique of the logo and identity system here. Video by University of California

Update: This post was revised on June 19, 2013, to correct Simmons’s association with the new UC design. He had no role in its creation.

Update: Since this post was first published, the University of California has restricted access to its video.

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  1. Christopher Simmons

    To clarify, neither I nor my firm had anything to do with this design. I did write a critical review of the controversy surrounding it, and was interviewed about it as well. The logo and related identity program was designed in house under the leadership of Vanessa Correa.

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