Armory Arts Week 2014: Mid-Century Inspiration

NEW YORK—The Armory Modern Show at Pier 92 featured a few examples of Roy Lichtenstein interiors, Pop interpretations of mid-century living spaces. The Lichtenstein’s above, from left, are “Red Lamps” and “Modern Room,” both 1990 lithograph, woodblock and screenprint works at Alan Cristea Gallery of London. Of course, Lichtenstein is a legendary American artist. His work is in the collections of major museums around the world and his originals sell at auction for tens of millions. Emerging artists at Volta NY and Scope NY, were also inspired by mid-century furniture, interior design and architecture. A selection of such works spotted during Armory Arts Week follows.

All photos © Arts Observer

Scope NY: A pair of paintings by Andy Burgess at Cynthia Corbett Gallery of London.

Scope NY: “Green Wexler,” 2014 (oil on canvas) by Andy Burgess at Cynthia Corbett.

Volta NY: Small-scale works by Casey Ruble at Foley Gallery of New York.

Volta NY: Casey Ruble’s paper collage works “investigate psychology of connection, detachment and transience, at Foley Gallery.

Scope NY: Four chairs by Kelly Reemtsen at De Buck Gallery of New York.

Armory Modern: “Yellow Vase,” 1990 () by Roy Lichtenstein Susan Sheehan Gallery of New York.

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