Martin Puryear Among Celebrated Sculptors on View at Matthew Marks Gallery

NEW YORK—Over the weekend, “Question,” an amazing new work by Martin Puryear was on view at Matthew Marks Gallery. A former painter, Puryear is a celebrated sculptor, arguably the most critically regarded African American sculptor of our time. In 2007, the Museum of Modern Art exhibited 45 of his sculptures in a 30-year retrospective.

“Question” adheres to his penchant for formalism. Defined by its composition, the work exhibits weighted heft at its base, at the same time its elegant curve is decidedly svelte and precisely sculpted, almost feminine.

The gallery describes “Question” thus: “With its poetic and allusive forms, combines both the geometric and the organic. Standing nearly eight feet tall, it is among the artist’s largest works in bronze.”

Installation view of “0-9” by Jasper Johns, with “Question” by Martin Puryear in background.

The gallery was exhibiting sculptures by Katharina Fritsch, Robert Gober, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Puryear, and Charles Ray, some of the most renowned artists it represents. The works, created between 2008 and 2014, each make a singular statement and epitomize the practice of each artist.

“Sculpture” was on view from Feb. 8 to April 19, 2014.

All photos © Arts Observer

“0 – 9,” 2009-2012 (copper) by Jasper Johns.

“Heiligenfigur (St. Michael) / Figure of a Saint (St. Michael),” 2008 (polyester, paint) by Katharina Fritsch.

Installation view of “Question,” 2013-2014 (bronze) by Martin Puryear.

Detail of “Question.”

Detail of “Question.”

“Untitled,” 1993-2013 (wood, paint, beeswax) by Robert Gober.

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