Ross Bleckner: Painted Patterns

NEW YORK—Ross Bleckner is exhibiting a series of transfixing canvases at Mary Boone Gallery. Saturated with rich, moody colors and graphic patterns that channel textiles, the works resemble large-scale, layered fabric swatches.

The artist’s concept is a bit more cerebral. According to the gallery, “Bleckner has for forty years investigated the intersection of psychology, biology, and personal identity through painting…For the current exhibition, Bleckner examines his own history and the challenges that an artist faces daily: how to distill ideas that are constantly evolving and elliptical? To where does one painting lead? And what becomes of that next painting, if thought but never made?”

This is the final week of the exhibition. The works are on view from March 8 to April 26, 2013.

All photos © Arts Observer

From left, “Doctor (Dr. Donald Kaplan),” 2013 (oil on linen), also shown above in detail; “Brain Rust,” 2013 (oil on linen); “Strange Sister,” 2013 (oil on linen).

Detail of “Brain Rust,” 2013 (oil on linen).

“Architecture Reflects the Age,” 2013 (oil on linen).

From left, “Parallel and Anti-Parallel,” 2013 (oil on linen) and “Mausoleum,” 2013 (oil on linen).

Detail of “Mausoleum,” 2013 (oil on linen).

Detail of “Parallel and Anti-Parallel,” 2013 (oil on linen).

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