‘ChromaTweet’ by Aleksandar Maćašev is Both Colorful and Moody

The “ChromaTweet” installation is 308 feet long.

Brooklyn, NEW YORK—“ChromaTweet” is a daily tweeting project in which each post consists not of 140 characters or less, but of a color. The “nano-blogging” project was created by Aleksandar Maćašev, who describes himself as a New York-based visual artist who straddles the line between art and design. Each color represents his daily mood, using hexadecimal color codes. Any color goes, except for black or white. The Dumbo installation is part of ArtBridge, the public arts organization that beautifies construction scaffolding. “ChromaTweet” features tweets from April 1, 2009 to March 31, 2011. The work was installed on Water Street near Main at the end of September for the Dumbo Arts Festival.

Photos by Arts Observer

Each color represents the artist’s daily mood.

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