‘Staff Show’: Phillips De Pury Showcases In-House Talent

NEW YORK—While galleries and auction houses are generally run by business- and market-minded art experts, there are always a fair share of budding artists working behind the scenes, too. Such aspiring artists would be wise to be employed by Phillips de Pury. The auction house holds an annual “Staff Show” celebrating its in-house New York talent. This year’s exhibit features contemporary work in a range of mediums by 34 employees.

A particularly meaningful installation—two small barn paintings paired with a mixed-media work of chopped wood that has an audio component—was created by staffer David D’Ostilio in collaboration with his late grandfather Dominick D’Ostilio. According to the exhibition catalogue, David’s first artistic memories are of spending time in Dominick’s studio where he would draw while his grandfather painted. A World War II veteran, Dominick taught painting at a North Carolina community college and had a modicum of success selling his work before his death in 2005. Although Dominick never had the opportunity to show his work in New York, his grandson finally helped make his Manhattan debut possible.

“Staff Show” is on view at Phillips De Pury’s Meatpacking location from July 25 to Aug. 10, 2012. Across the pond, the auction house is also featuring work by its London staff in an exhibit titled “Show Off” from July 31 to Aug. 14, 2012. All of the art in both shows is for sale.

All photos © Arts Observer

Detail of one canvas from “Barn 2 views,” 2005 (oil on canvas) by David and Dominick D’Ostilio.

“Granada,” 2011 (burn wood) by Ferran Martin, with “Untitled Still Life,” 2012 (acrylic and resin on wood) by Sean Cleary in background.

The exhibit is on view in Phillips de Pury’s Meatpacking location and includes art by 34 employees.

Detail of “Carnival” by Robert Sciasci.

“Carnival,” 2012 (canvas resin paint) Robert Sciasci.

Detail of series of hands making sign language symbols by Daniel Oglander.

A selection from an installation of 12 canvases titled “Portraits of You,” 2012 (oil, charcoal and spray paint on stainless steel) by Justin Waldstein.

“Suspect #3,” 2012 (discarded crates, delicious cheese snacks) by Jose Obando, with “Conceits,” 2007 (laser cut, bead blasted stainless steel plate, copper foil) by Barry Ledoux in background.

Detail of “Suspect #3” by Jose Obando.

“03/12/2012(00:00:00)(Picasso),” 2012 (offset lithograph) by Ryan Falkowitz. Visitors to the exhibit are invited to take a poster for free.

“The Chopping Block,” 2012 (firewood, chopping block, ax, sound installation) by David D’Ostilio.

“oops,” 2012 (paint on wall) by Shannon Stobbe.

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